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Zed Black Tin Incense Back Flow Dhoop Cone Combo Pack, Sandal, Arij, Mogra, Rose Flavour Dhoop Cone- Pack of 4

Zed Black Tin Incense Back Flow Dhoop Cone Combo Pack, Sandal, Arij, Mogra, Rose Flavour Dhoop Cone- Pack of 4

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About this Item
Dhoop cones are known to purify bad air and create more positive and encouraging environment. Whether it is for spiritual purpose or for meditational one, dhoop incense cones are used for a variety of reasons throughout India. If you are one of those people who are seeking high quality and long lasting cone incense then this is an ideal pick! Zed Black Premium Dhoop Cones are made from top notch materials and thus, are appreciated by plenty of people. It is easy to light up and use. From home to office to factory and other places, just light these dhoop incense cones to create a cheerful and delightful environment.

Why this product?
1. Its heavenly aroma encourages your soul and thoughts to be pure and beautiful.
2. It transforms an uninviting environment into cheerful and encouraging one.
3. Its great fragrance and long lasting effect is really appreciable.
4. Can be used for spiritual and meditation purpose.

1. For meditational and spiritual purposes.
2. For uplifting and purifying the ambience.
3. For gifting purpose.

Why choose us? We have created an inevitable reputation in the market by providing a wide assortment of best quality and effective products to our valuable customers. For us, customer satisfaction is the topmost priority. 

  • Combo of 4 dhoop Cone - This combo encompasses four mesmerizing scents of different aroma dhoop batti Cone. in this combo, you get four combo packs of dhoop incense Cone – Arij, Mogra, Rose, Sandal dhoop cone
  • Long - lasting aroma - make sure to create a peaceful ambience by lighting up these and long lasting dhoop incense Cone. use it every day and experience peace and tranquility in the best possible manner
  • Suitability - Whether you are using them for meditation or spiritual purpose or just for relaxing, these will lift up your mood within a few seconds, and create an amazing atmosphere all around.
  • Easy to use and safe dhoop incense Cone create encouraging and inviting environment which boosts vitality and divinity. using it on everyday basis can eradicate all the negative energy and help you attain your spiritual goals in a peaceful and relaxed manner
  • Dimension of the product - 13 x 11 x 10cm dhoop Cone/tin. just relax and have the time of your lives by getting hands on this combo of 4 dhoop incense Cone
  • High Quality Incense Dhoop Cone- If you are someone who is seeking high quality and premium dhoop cones, then this is an ideal product! Our Dhoop cones not only creates an inspirational and enthralling atmosphere but also inspires confidence, optimism and joyfulness.
  • Directions for use: Light the tip of the dhoop Cone till it catches flame. Gently blow out fame once it starts glowing & place the end of the dhoop Cone into it's holder.


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