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The Journey of Self Discovery Paperback - English

The Journey of Self Discovery Paperback - English

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The Journey Of Self Discovery The Journey Of Self-Discovery Is Your Guide To A New Way Of Looking At Life, A Way Proven To Lead You To Higher Levels Of Awareness And Satisfaction. The Journey Of Self-Discovery Is Also Easy To Read. The Anthology Format Allows You To Approach The Book In A Variety Of Ways. You Can Read The Journey Of Self-Discovery From Start To Finish, Proceeding Through The Systematically Arranged Selections. In The Journey Of Self-Discovery You Will See Srila Prabhupada Taking The Essential Truths Of The Timeless Vedic Wisdom Of India And Communicating Them To Persons Like Yourself--In Talks, Conversations, And Interviews. With Gravity And Wit, Roses And Thunderbolts, Srila Prabhupada Delivers Transcendental Knowledge With Maximum Impact And Precision. The Journey Of Self-Discovery Will Illuminate The Path That Leads To Life's Ultimate, Most Perfect Destination.
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