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Pentonic LINC Ball Point Pen - Blister Pack of 10 (Blue)

Pentonic LINC Ball Point Pen - Blister Pack of 10 (Blue)

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About Item

A convergence of cutting-edge technology and superior design aesthetics, Pentonic is about form as well as functionality. Inspired by minimalism, the Pentonic brand identity is clean and uncluttered, classy yet contemporary, simple yet differentiated. A class of its own, the brand is defined by performance and driven by design.

A pen plays a bigger part in your life than you realize - it is an essential tool that fosters and inspires creativity. A pen fuels creativity and therefore inspires one to present their thoughts with ease. With the aid of a pen, you let your words speak for you instead. For instance, writers choose it because it allows them to depict their world of imagination effortlessly while journalists prefer it in order to document authentic accounts in real-time. Its necessity cannot be stressed enough. Comprehending each of these, Pentonic from the house of Linc has emerged as a top solution for ball and gel pens.

Neat results on paper

One also expects attractive results on paper when they choose a pen. You don’t need to think twice when it comes to Pentonic. Providing both quality gel pens and ball pens, expect a smooth flow of words alongside an appealing presentation of sentences and paragraphs on paper with Linc Pentonic ball and gel pens.


Pentonic, an offering from the house of Linc, is a celebration of class and ultra-modern writing experience. Pentonic is driven by a culture where innovation and aesthetics goes hand in hand. With imagination at the heart of everything it does, the brand is passionate about every single detail and fashionable along all its contours.


  • 0.7 mm tip size of Blue, Black & Red ink colours
  • 1.0 mm tip size of other available ink colours
  • Easy flow Ink Technology
  • Sleek Matte Finish
  • Featherlite feel


Variety of colours

Linc makes its superb collections of writing instruments available in several ink colours for one to choose from.

TIP 0.7 MM

  • Blue, Black & Red ink colours tip size is 0.7 mm. Rest of the ink colours tip size is 1.0mm.
  • Constantly sharp pen line is maintained from first stroke to last.
  • Super long lasting ink, Nickel Silver tip.


  • Smooth and smart grip for supreme comfort.
  • Comfortable grip that fits comfortably in your hand for fatigue-free writing.


  • An established product with reliable features.
  • The “Unique Flow System” ensures a continuous write with the same thickness to the very last drop of ink.
  • Linc products are developed through technical expertise accumulated over the years, that dominate the world market.

Smooth flow of words

Each pen was crafted with a strong understanding of the need for seamless writing. Be it long-writing lengths or for easier grip during stressful situations, the revolutionary product range by Pentonic are personalized for your convenience. Be it the strenuous lectures in class or important discussions at work that need to be recorded, you can count on Pentonic to easily represent the same on paper.

Featherlite Feel

With Pentonic, a seamless flow of words is guaranteed since this range of writing instruments are specially designed to offer an ultra-modern writing experience. This can be seen through its easy flow ink technology as well as the feather-light features of the body. When you choose Linc Pentonic ball and gel pens, you choose the best that suit your requirements.

Smart look

Your appearance is the first indicator of who you are. It could be as basic as the clothes you wear each day. It could be as subtle as the pen that you use in front of others since it also tends to form an impression. Hence, the dark, sleek and minimalist look of Pentonic makes it an ideal gifting option due to its build and appeal.

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