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Bitter Shot Personal Care Spray For Women (65ml)

Bitter Shot Personal Care Spray For Women (65ml)

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Bitter SHOT is a safety spray intended to be used only to deter an attacker causing physical harm. When cornered, aim at the attacker's face and spray. bitteR SHOT will spray an extremely bitter Shot that will temporarily blind or cause severe irritation to the attacker and trigger instant distraction. This should buy you precious time to escape and/or call for help.

  • WHERE to USE ? - Individuals may also use it in a situation to defend themselves against attacks by other people or animals.
  • EFFECT :- It triggers an instant bitter sensation in the mouth and through the nasal cavity that deters the assailant. The reaction ranges from eye watering, temporary blindness, breathing difficulty and intense unpleasant taste
  • HOW to USE ? - Keep Spray Nozzle in the direction of attacker and cover your face from your other hand or handkerchief, then press it.
  • PROTECTION RANGE - It can be used from a distance of 8-foot that reduces the chance of wind blowback
  • ACCESSIBLE - Clip option ensures non-keychain users can have spray with them on the go, while locking top safety helps prevent accidental discharge.
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